Thursday, December 29, 2011


I would say I am a fan of Apple. Not because of the MacBooks or the Mac computers and such, but rather the iDevices. I have an iPod Touch 3rd gen, and an iPhone 4 that I acquired recently. I've jailbroken my iTouch, and I've been messing around with the internal software and such.

But that aside, I am inquiring on what apps you guys find appealing or useful. I've grown bored with modding my iDevices, and my current apps. What do you guys recommend? Here's my list of recommended useful/enjoyable apps.
  • App Trailers(Free) - Watch app ads for very little money, but it adds up. Can transfer to Paypal.
  • iTorch4(Free) - Utilizes the light on your iDevice's camera.
  • Photo Vault Pro($1.99) - Password-protects and organizes your private photos.
  • Words With Friends($0.99) - A cross-word puzzle-like game I'm addicted to.


  1. I should add Evernote to the list!
    best app for absentminded people like me lol

  2. I just recently got rid of my Itouch! so i cant help you out there haha


  3. Because I'm more Windows based, I decided to get a Droid to eliminate the necessities of coding in Objective C... I regret it. An app to consider is Google Talk. I have a couple of friends on Campus who just got iPod touches, use the Campus internet for free, and have a free Phone service because of it.

  4. Im probably the only 20 something without a smart phone lol. I do plan on getting one next weekend. I have however played words with friends on Facebook and its a pretty fun game if you don't cheat!

  5. Why would you keep your private photos in an insecure location necessitating the use of a paid app?